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Autumn Witch Avatar
Autumn Witch: when I am back on my feet I am thinking of doing just that. Jul 21, 2019 23:55:20 GMT
Vhenan Sequitur Avatar
Vhenan Sequitur: I've always wanted to adopt an older child, not an infant, but it's taking a long time to get to a position where we're settled enough to take on the responsibility. There really is so little time. Five years vanish in a flash. 👵 Jul 21, 2019 23:36:58 GMT
Autumn Witch Avatar
Autumn Witch: I love my wee ones dearly but if I was to do it now, I'd adopt Jul 21, 2019 23:19:26 GMT
GeneralXIV Avatar
GeneralXIV: Ive always thought about having children, and I think Im maybe getting to the point in my life where I think I could be a mom... maybe? I said I'd want a kid when I was 30, but that's not happening. So little time :o Jul 21, 2019 23:13:30 GMT
Vhenan Sequitur Avatar
Vhenan Sequitur: I hope that works out, Auntie General. My sister-in-law is getting pretty old for babies and doesn't seem interested. I can't blame her. I'm much the same. :P Jul 21, 2019 23:08:30 GMT
Autumn Witch Avatar
Autumn Witch: Technically I am an aunt but the lass here today is my s cousin's daughter but I'm old enough to be her nan so aunt fits better. Jul 21, 2019 23:06:56 GMT
GeneralXIV Avatar
GeneralXIV: I actually thought it was impossible for me to be an aunt until I met Holly because I have no brothers or sisters. But Holly has a sister (even though shes younger) so I might be an aunt one day. I definitely wont be the cool one though! Jul 21, 2019 23:02:50 GMT
Autumn Witch Avatar
Autumn Witch: Oh I bet you would be! Jul 21, 2019 22:48:34 GMT
Vhenan Sequitur Avatar
Vhenan Sequitur: I wish I were an aunt. I doubt I'd be the cool one though. :P Jul 21, 2019 22:41:21 GMT
Autumn Witch Avatar
Autumn Witch: LOL So you know the feeling! Jul 21, 2019 22:25:42 GMT
Phaffner Avatar
Phaffner: lol, know how that goes Autumn, when ever I see either my great grand son, or great grand daughter, they just have to be with their gran-papa lolo. Lolo is tagalog for grandpa so what they call me is sort of redundent, but what the hey. Jul 21, 2019 22:07:27 GMT
Autumn Witch Avatar
Autumn Witch: the problem with being the "cool aunt" is whenever the wee ones visit our house my room becomes the de facto rumpus room :P Jul 21, 2019 21:58:04 GMT *
Autumn Witch Avatar
Autumn Witch: My niece is here taking all my time today. Jul 21, 2019 21:35:16 GMT
Autumn Witch Avatar
Autumn Witch: Happy Sunday All! Jul 21, 2019 19:26:25 GMT
Autumn Witch Avatar
Autumn Witch: 79 is wonderful! So happy things are better Jul 21, 2019 18:37:09 GMT
Phaffner Avatar
Phaffner: Yea, it's only 79 right now, and only supposed to get up to 83 today. After the past few days, it feels down right cool out there.... :) Jul 21, 2019 17:41:55 GMT
Space Cowboy Avatar
Space Cowboy: Yeah, it looked good. Jul 21, 2019 9:21:16 GMT
Autumn Witch Avatar
Autumn Witch: The new Picard trailer is posted. Some surprises worth a look Jul 20, 2019 22:24:00 GMT
Autumn Witch Avatar
Autumn Witch: As soon as I posted that I remembered that tornadoes need cool and hot air masses so with there being a hot dome of a high pressure not sure if they can form Jul 20, 2019 22:22:56 GMT
Phaffner Avatar
Phaffner: Yeah, been watching for that too, so far so good though, all they are calling for thru out the rest of the day and the night is rain and thunder storms. Jul 20, 2019 22:21:54 GMT
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