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Autumn Witch: HUGS HUGS HUGS Aug 18, 2018 5:51:50 GMT
Olive: Okay, trying to get another hour of sleep before I have to get ready! See you on the other side! 💋 Aug 18, 2018 5:25:31 GMT
Olive: igx.4sqi.net/img/general/200x200/TFlBsqfxGLVNxrDDFVkf6Oz4ndB2KYwO2BfmxRN68jA.jpg Aug 18, 2018 2:29:45 GMT
Autumn Witch: Already miss you ! :'( Aug 18, 2018 1:46:31 GMT
Autumn Witch: I remember it was messed up lol Aug 18, 2018 0:11:18 GMT
Autumn Witch: And Dench got the supporting actress award for like 7 mins of screen time. FOR what roll? Elizabeth! Aug 18, 2018 0:10:50 GMT
Vhenan Sequitur: Of all the things to fuss about... (rofl) Aug 18, 2018 0:08:22 GMT
Vhenan Sequitur: I was a bit miffed that Shakespeare in Love won the Oscar that year. Elizabeth was also nominated, and in my opinion it was the better movie. Aug 18, 2018 0:06:44 GMT
Olive: Oh, I can imagine! Aug 18, 2018 0:04:59 GMT
Autumn Witch: I was working on a production of R&J came out and it was like so amazing for us lol Aug 17, 2018 23:50:53 GMT
Olive: I picked that as well but because, lack of gay aside, the movie is perfection! But yeah, Judi had a big part in that! Aug 17, 2018 23:44:03 GMT
Autumn Witch: Funny you say that I picked Shakespeare in Love cuz Dench was in it. Aug 17, 2018 23:41:00 GMT
Olive: Okay, then Meryl Streep, Judy Dench, Susan Sarandon, etc. would like to have a word! :P Aug 17, 2018 23:38:24 GMT
Autumn Witch: I think they just used those actors because of the length of their careers Aug 17, 2018 23:29:03 GMT
Olive: Hard time sleeping! I'm going to look like a zombie tomorrow. I'll have to ban all cameras for the whole day! :D Aug 17, 2018 23:27:53 GMT
Olive: But it really irked me that thee only actor categories were Tom Hanks and Leo DiCapriSun. Incidentally my favourite movie in both categories is the same one and it wasn't even on the list! And where is my Charlize Theron or Cate Blanchett? Hmmn? Aug 17, 2018 23:26:36 GMT
Olive: I got 46. High Five @ Aug 17, 2018 23:24:00 GMT
Kammi: lol I got 27.. I might just like this quiz :). but some of the category choices were questionable Aug 17, 2018 22:43:33 GMT
Vhenan Sequitur: I'm "mature" at heart. :P Aug 17, 2018 22:42:40 GMT
Space Cowboy: Vhenan, your's doesn't surprise me at all :D Aug 17, 2018 22:36:34 GMT